When Can I Carry a Gun in Texas

People often ask “When can I carry a gun in Texas. The question of when a person can lawfully carry a firearm in Texas can be confusing. Many folks mistakenly think they have to have a license before they can carry a gun anywhere. In reality citizens can carry weapons lawfully under a number of circumstances in Texas. None of these exceptions apply to persons who are convicted felons.

  1. In your residence. The law allows a person to carry a firearm in their own home, whether it be a house, apartment, trailer or boat. As long it’s a structure designed for them to live in.
  2. In your vehicle. The law allows you to possess a firearm inside your car and while you are in route to and from your vehicle. However, if you are committing a crime, other than a class C misdemeanor, while in the vehicle the privilege to lawfully carry a gun does not apply and the police can charge you with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. The most common example would be an arrest for DWI.
  3. In your business. You are allowed to possess a firearm at your business if the place you work is under your control. A store owner can legally have his gun at his work for example.
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