Dallas Dentist Murder Case

Brenda Delgado‘s capital murder trial is set to begin next week. Delgado was arrested in Mexico for the murder of Dallas Dentist Kendra Hatcher. Prosecutors allege that Delgado paid money to a man named Kristopher Love to kill the girlfriend of Delgado’s ex boyfriend. Love was convicted in a trial last year for capital murder.

The prosecution is expected to call another co-defendant, Crystal Cortez, to testify against Delgado. Cortez has already testified against Kristopher Love in his trial. Cortez has testified that she drove Love to the parking garage where Love shot Hatcher. Her testimony is key in connecting Delgado and Love.

The defense will have to attack the credibility of Cortez and try to raise reasonable doubt regarding the evidence that connects Delgado to the crime. The defense may try to show Delgado never reached an agreement with her co-defendants to have Hatcher murdered. The fact that Delgado fled to Mexico could weigh heavily against her.

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