Dallas DUI Breath Test Refusal: 3 Reasons To Refuse

Every time a Dallas Police officer makes an arrest for DUI he or she will request the suspect to submit to a breath test. Here are 3 reasons why it can benefit the defendant if he refuses to submit to a breath test.

1. The police are not able to gather further evidence of intoxication. True the officer may obtain a search warrant to obtain a blood sample but that may give a Dallas DUI lawyer a grounds to suppress the warrant.

2. Refusing to take  a breath test cuts the time the defendant is on camera. There is less interaction with police which mean less chance for the prosecution to find incriminating evidence from statements or signs of intoxication.

3. A skilled Dallas DUI attorney can educate a jury on why a person would refuse to take a breath test and make it less likely for a jury to use a refusal against the defendant.


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