Dallas Assault Case Against Mayor Pro-Tem


Dallas residents may have read about Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Adkins recent citation for Class C Assault. Dallas Police issues a citation to Adkins after a city employee accused him of shaking her after she refused to let him through a secured area. Police interviewed an independent witness to the incident.

A class C assault carries no jail time but a person can be fines up to $500. Even though there is no jail time a conviction for class C assault can still carry life long consequences. Record checks by potential employers can raise huge red flags if they spot any type of assault conviction.

Under Texas law a Class C assault is an offensive touching. The alleged victim does not have to experience any pain. This can cover many different fact situations. There are many defenses to this type of charge and also many ways an experienced Dallas Assault Attorney can get this type of charge dismissed. If you are charged with a Class C assault take it seriously and hire a Dallas Assault Attorney as soon as possible

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