Aggravated Robbery Charges Could Fall Under Organized Crime

Home invasion charges were filed against four individuals for Aggravated Robberies that occurred in Frisco, Allen, and Coppell. According to news reports  the suspects targeted Indian immigrants and would force their way into homes, threaten the home owners with weapons, and take money and property.

Texas Aggravated Robbery charges are first degree felonies and carry a penalty range of 5 years to 99 years or life in prison. I would not be surprised to see prosecutors also indict these  defendants on Organized Crime Charges. Under Texas law if three or more defendants act together in a combination to commit aggravated robbery then they can be also charged with Organized Crime. By charging the defendant’s with Organized Crime at trial  prosecutors could have a greater chance of introducing  the other robberies that were committed by the gang and greatly increase the chances of convictions. It will be interesting to see what the final indictments will be in these cases. The crimes occurred in very conservative counties so I would expect a very aggressive approach from prosecutors with an objective to obtain long prison sentences.


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