Collin County Assault Defense

If you are arrested in Collin County for Assault it is important to begin preparing your defense right away. Collin County law enforcement agencies are very aggressive and almost always arrest a person when an assault charge is being investigated. A conviction for assault carries serious consequences that can affect a person for the rest of their life.

Assault charges can involve bar fights, road rage, neighbors, or domestic violence. A defendant is allowed to use physical force to defend themselves or third parties. The key to self defense is building a case to show the actions of the defendant were reasonable and immediately necessary. An experienced criminal lawyer will begin to build this defense by interviewing witnesses, gathering all relevant social media post, and videos. An investigation into the victims past history of any violence is also very useful.

In some cases identity may be an issue. A defendant should never talk to the police without first consulting a criminal lawyer. Police detectives often use the suspect interview just to prove the defendant is the person who was involved in the altercation. The goal of law enforcement is to enhance their case when they interview the suspect. Except in rare circumstances the police are not conducting and objective interview with a defendant. A criminal attorney can advise a defendant when and if they should interview with the police.

Assault charges are serious but they often have good defenses when the facts are analyzed. In some cases criminal attorneys can use the facts they develop to reach conditional dismissal agreements with the District Attorney’s Office. The best thing a defendant can do to prepare for a Collin County assault charge is to meet with an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.

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