Google and Jury Selection

With todays social media more and more lawyers are using the internet to find out information on jurors. Now when a jury panel is being seated lawyers can take the names of jurors and “Google” them finding out all kinds of valuable information which is not available from the juror information cards. Many jurors reveal insightful information on Facebook and other social media sites. Personal information such has this can really help a lawyer when he or she is deciding on who to strike during jury selection. Most people have a fear of speaking in public. They are very reluctant to talk to lawyers in front of other jurors. However they may put their whole life out for review on the internet. You can find out a jurors hobbies, favourite books, movies and musicians. Sometimes jurors sometimes reveal their political beliefs, who they respect as a leader or don’t respect. All this information can be determined quickly and should be utilized by the criminal defense attorney if possible

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