Plano West Football Star Charged With Evading Arrest

Plano West football star Soso Jamabo was arrested for the felony offense of Evading Arrest in Kaufman County on Saturday night. Under Texas law when are person is fleeing from police in a car the offense is a felony. The degree of felony depends on the circumstances of each case.

1. The offense is a State Jail Felony if the actor used a vehicle while in flight and has never previously been convicted of Evading Arrest..

2. The Offense is a Third Degree Felony if the actor has previously convicted of Evading Arrest.

3. The Offense is a Third Degree if a person suffers serious bodily injury during the offense.

4.The Offense is a second degree felony id someone suffers death during the course of the offense.

There are many defenses to the charge of Evading Arrest. An experienced criminal attorney can guide a person through the criminal justice system and advise them to any defense they have under the law.

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