Dallas Prositution Cases Big Business

Dallas resident’s may have read in the Dallas Morning News that a recent study shows the Dallas sex trade generates 99 million dollars a year. A lot of that trade includes prostitution. The Dallas police and other local law enforcement agencies have stepped up their efforts to crack down on prostitution rings which have led to more arrest.

Solicitation of Prostitution is the most frequent charge brought by the police when they launch an offensive against the sex trade. They make these arrest through under cover officers often using recording devices and cameras. Police agencies have also used the internet to set up dates of prostitution and build a criminal case.

The crime of Solicitation of Prostitution carries serious consequences that can effect your career. If you are arrested for this type of offense consult with an experienced criminal attorney. Every District Attorney’s office has a different policy for prostitution cases and an experienced criminal attorney can advise you how to proceed with your in order to obtain the best outcome.

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