4 Ways To Protect Yourself From A Criminal Accusation

1. Do not consent to an interview with the police. It is a natural instinct to want to cooperate and interview with a police detective if you are being investigated for a criminal offense, however you can best protect yourself by refraining from speaking to law enforcement until you have consulted with a criminal defense attorney.

2. Do not consent to a search of your car, house, or property before consulting with a criminal lawyer. Consent to a search waives valuable constitutional rights and can weaken your defense in a criminal case. If a search warrant is executed on your property do not resist in any way and do not answer any questions from law enforcement regarding the investigation.

3. If you are arrested, while in custody, do not talk about the facts of the case over the phone or to anyone else. Law enforcement records all phone conversations from a jail. Any statements you make could be taken out of context and could be used as evidence against you. The only person you should discuss the facts of your case with is an experienced criminal attorney.

4. Do not text, email, or post about the facts of your case on any social media. Law enforcement has become very diligent at finding information through social media. Protect your self by keeping the facts out of the social media and only discuss the facts of  your case with your criminal attorney.


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