St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Lead To DWI Arrest

st pattysDallas residents were out in force at various St. Patrick day celebrations this weekend. The Dallas police were also out in force for the weekend celebrations and that means more people were arrested for DUI and other drinking violations.

Last week the police announced this was a “no refusal” weekend. What that means is the Dallas police planned to have judges on hand ready to sign search warrants that would allow law enforcement to take a sample of the defendant’s blood in DWI arrest. When a person is arrested the police officer always request a breath or blood sample. If the suspect refuses the arresting officer will make an arrest, but will not always attempt to obtain a blood sample through a search warrant. On “No refusal” weekends the  Dallas officers will obtain a search warrant in every case that a person refuses to voluntarily give a sample.

Just because the police have obtained a blood sample does not mean you will be convicted of DWI. If there is a problem with the probable cause language of the search warrant then the warrant could be suppressed by a judge at  a later date. Further more the proper procedures have to be followed when taking the blood sample and storing the sample. Finally the blood sample has to be properly tested.

An experience criminal attorney will review all of the evidence in a DWI arrest and determine if there are problems with the blood evidence. It is important for anyone arrested for DWI or DUI to meet with a criminal lawyer to discuss your constitutional rights and how a criminal case proceeds through the system.


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