Dallas Man Arrested On Aggravated Assault Against A Police Officer

A Dallas man was arrested for shooting at a Dallas Police Officer early Sunday. Witnesses report that Juvenal Delbosque was attending a high school reunion party when he began to argue with his wife and struck her and then pulled a gun an fired shots which struck several women at the party.  Delbosque then fired shots at Dallas Police Officers when they arrived. Officers were able to subdue Delosque with a Taser.

Records reveal that Delbosque has a lengthy criminal history and has fired at police on a prior occasion. In 200 Delbosque fired at a police officer 11 times during a traffic stop and was sentenced to 27 years. He was released in 2013. He also had previous convictions for drug offenses in which he had been sentenced to prison.

Delbosque will now face Aggravated Assault charges for wounding the women at the party as well as Aggravated Assault against a Public Servant. No doubt prosecutors will use his prior felony conviction against him and enhance the punishment range. If a person has previous felony convictions prosecutors can enhance the punishment range to higher levels and also higher minimum levels. In this case the aggravated assault charges start our as second degree felonies which has a penalty range of two to twenty years. With two previous felony convictions the penalty range can be increased to life and the minimum to 25 years.

Prosecutors will recommend a very high prison sentence. Their goal will be to incarcerate the defendant for the rest of his life. The case will probably result in a jury trial. Delbosque is unlikely to agree to a lengthy prison sentence through a plea bargain. If found guilty at trial prosecutors will introduce Delbosque’s previous criminal convictions. They will also call witnesses from his previous cases. Texas law allows prosecutors to put on witnesses from previous cases during the punishment phase.

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