Anatomy of a Murder Still a Great Book

ant murI just finished reading Anatomy of a Murder and I found it to be one of the most accurate novels about a criminal trial that you could ever read. The book was first published in 1958 and has held up well over the years. The book was written by Robert Traver whose real name was Paul Voelker. Voelker was a lawyer who practiced in the upper peninsula of Michigan and based the story on a real murder case he defended in 1952.

I would especially recommend this book to any criminal trial lawyer. Traver accurately describes what goes through a criminal lawyer’s mind as he or she prepares for trial and the problems one encounters with witnesses. The trial portions of the book are extremely realistic and will keep you turning the pages.

I would also rate the movie as one of the best trial movies ever produced by Hollywood but read the book. You can order it on Amazon at a ver cheap price.

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