Concerns Raised Over Dallas Police Social Media Policy

Dallas police Chief Brown wants his officers to utilize social media more often and encourages officers to issue tweets from crime scenes or post of Facebook. This policy has raised concerns from police officers and citizens. This social media policy should also raise concerns with Dallas criminal lawyers.

Chief Brown has encouraged the public to follow the police through social media. People who actively follow the police in this manner may have a bias in favor of law enforcement. Any Dallas criminal attorney who is selecting a jury should ask potential jurors if they follow the police on social media and determine through questions if these jurors have a bias that would remove them the jury panel for legal cause or cause the defense to strike them with a preemptory challenge. Common sense will tell you that a person who is very pro police will not have an open mind to an accused citizens side of the story.

Dallas criminal lawyers should also attempt to obtain any tweets or Facebook postings made by Dallas police officers involved in the criminal case the criminal lawyer is investigating. These social media posting could prove to be inaccurate  and would be excellent impeachment material for cross examination.

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