Murder Investigations Always Open

It was recently reported on WFAA that the Dallas Police have reopened their investigation into the 2010 shooting death of Tobias Mackey by Dallas Police Officer Matthew Tate. Tate had originally been cleared in the shooting. The story serves as a good example that when some one has been intentionally killed the case will always remain open and the person under investigation can always face charges some day.

There is no statute of limitations in murder cases in Texas. Many police forces have cold case squads that investigate old homicide cases. New evidence may be discovered or witnesses may change their stories. It may take years but murder charges can and will be filed if detectives believe they have uncovered sufficient evidence.

If you have ever been under investigation in a murder case you should always consult with an a criminal lawyer so that your rights are fully protected. Even if you believe the investigation is over you should stay in contact with your attorney and contact them if any one attempts to speak to you about the investigation. Never agree to any interview without a criminal lawyer present.


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