Should I Talk To The Police?

Should I talk to the police? That’s the first question a citizen who has come under police suspicion has for the criminal defense attorney. Of course, the answer varies on the facts of the case, but the correct answer always is, not until you have talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The average person, especially one who has never been trouble with the police, intuitively thinks they need to sit down and discuss with the case with a detective. They believe the police will think they are guilty if they don’t cooperate. What they don’t understand is the majority of the time the police detective has already made up his mind about the suspect’s guilt and is only looking to either get a confession or at least get incriminating statements that help the detective prove their theory of the case.

Often times the best way a citizen can protect himself is by remaining silent. Sometimes the police can’t really identify a suspect and any admission just proving that the were present at the incident gives them enough evidence to charge. That’s just one example. There are many things that can go wrong if you talk to the police early in the investigation.

The citizens experienced criminal lawyer can determine whether it’s a good idea to interview with the police. That decision can’t be made until a criminal lawyer has had a full discussion with client and any other relevant witnesses. It is also important to get all available information from law enforcement so that you know their version of the events.

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