Social Media Can Be Key in Defending a Criminal Case.

Everyday people use social media more and more. Everyone communicates by texting or other messaging systems. More and more people post their views and activities on twitter and other outlets. In a criminal case this information can be vital to a successful defense to criminal allegations. It is essential to discover this information as soon as possible and preserve it.

Information found on social media can be a treasure trove for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Witnesses testimony can be impeached through their own words or photos. Their credibility can be destroyed by being confronted by their own words or postings in social media.

During the initial interview with a client determine if they have any of this type of evidence. Most often they may have exchanged text with an alleged victim. Those text messages must be preserved. Question your client and determine if there are other witnesses who may made statements on social media concerning the case. Try locate all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. After locating this information the next step will be preserving the information so that it can be used it court at  later time.

On the flip side make your client understand that any statements about his or her case through social media can do them great harm. Determine what they have posted already and have them take down anything that could be damaging.


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