Manziel Could Face Assault Charges

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Police Department could file assault charges against Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Aggie Johnny Manziel next week. The charges stem from an altercation Manziel had with his ex-girlfriend several weeks ago. She has told police Manziel became angry in a hotel room, dragged her by her hair, forced her into his car and struck her on her ear, causing her to lose her hearing temporarily. She also accused Manziel of threatening to kill her.

The Dallas Police have been investigating the charges, obtained medical records and interviewed witnesses. From reading the story, it appears the police have made up their minds and will file charges. So far, Manziel hasn’t given the police his version of the events.

It would be surprising if Manziel’s attorney allowed him to speak with the police. It certainly wouldn’t be prudent. When interrogating a suspect, the police don’t offer a preview their evidence. Their goal is to commit the suspect to a story. If that story is contradicted by their evidence, it makes their criminal case stronger. Manziel’s attorney won’t have any idea what other witnesses have told the police or what video evidence shows. The best way to protect Manziel is to advise him to say nothing. It won’t prevent an arrest but it may prevent a conviction.

Citizens under investigation often don’t realize the best way to protect themselves is to remain silent. A suspect should only interview with the police after they have retained an experienced criminal attorney and that attorney has carefully investigated the case.

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