Dallas Shoplifting Charges On the Rise

Dallas business owners have stepped up efforts to detect and arrest persons they believe have committed shoplifting. Shoplifting activity has been on the increase and as a result business owners employee a greater number of security officers and have invested in a greater number of security cameras that aid security officers in conducting surveillance. There is now a zero tolerance for any shoplifting activity and business owners insist police make an arrest on shoplifting charges.

The crime of shoplifting falls under the Theft portion on the Texas Penal code. The level of offense is determined by the value of the merchandise that is recovered. Once an arrest is made by the police a detective will file the case with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

There a many defenses to Dallas shoplifting charges. Each case is unique. There is usually no police investigation. The case is completely investigated by private security guards which can cease problems for the prosecution.

There are also other way to dispose of a Dallas shoplifting case depending on the facts, the person’s age, and the person’s criminal history. Many times a criminal attorney may be able to get a shoplifting charge dismissed and off the defendants’ record. This is extremely important because any type of theft allegation can ruin a person’s chance of meaningful employment.

If you are charged with shoplifting consult with an experienced Dallas shoplifting attorney to determine the best course of action for your case.

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