Dallas Evading Arrest Charges Brought Against Two Men

Dallas Police arrested two men after an hour long chase high that involved multiple police agencies and a helicopter. Texas Felony Evading Arrest charges were brought against both suspects. Felony evading arrest is a serious charge that can have life changing consequences. Anyone charged with this type of offense should seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Not all felony Evading Arrest cases are as cut and dry as the facts appear to be in this case. Many times if a driver doesn’t pull over immediately the police will bring Felony Evading Arrest charges. In order to prove this type of case prosecutors must have evidence that the driver knew the police were trying to detain him and he was intentionally evading that detention. The evidence of the drivers intent is not always clear. An experienced criminal attorney will know how to develop this type of defense and either use that at trial or during the plea bargaining process.

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