Dallas Aggravated Assault Charges Filed in Shooting

A Dallas man was arrested for Aggravated Assault for shooting another man after an argument in the parking lot of Dallas bar. Employees of the bar held on to the suspect until officers arrived. Dallas Aggravated Assault charges carry a penalty range of 2 to 20years in prison. A person may also receive probation from a jury if they have no previous felony convictions or pursuant to a plea bargain agreement.

The eye witness accounts will be critical in the prosecution of this case. Arguments in bar parking lots often escalate into assaults or aggravated assault cases. The participants and witnesses are often intoxicated and don’t always make the best witnesses. In this case there are indications club employees may have witnessed the incident which could cause a problem for the defendant.

Another key factor will be whether police recover surveillance video. More and more night clubs have installed security video inside and outside their businesses. The police will almost always try to recover the video to see if the incident was captured on film. If the detectives don’t make an attempt to recover this type of video a criminal defense attorney can go far in destroying the credibility of the police investigation.

Any time the criminal charge of an assaultive offense (especially when it’s in  bar parking lot) the criminal attorney may use self-defense as a strategy. If self-defense evidence is raised it becomes the prosecutions burden to prove the defendant did not act in self defense.

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