Do Police Need a Search Warrant To Track Cell Phones?

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Dallas Aggravated Assault Cases On The Rise: Three Reasons Why

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Can Manziel Win at Trial? Five Ways the Defense Will Attack The Credibility of the Accuser

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Frisco Teacher Pleads Guilty to Improper Student Relationship

A Frisco teacher plead guilty to the felony offense of Improper Relationship with Student and received 10 years deferred probation. The teacher , [...]

Attorney draws parallel between Midlothian murder, Eric Williams case

Tanya Eiserer, WFAA, April 22, 2016 Why did the person suspected of killing of gym instructor Missy Bevers dress in police tactical gear [...]

Garland Hit and Run Case Investigated

Garland Police are investigating hit and run accident that resulted in the death of a 51 year old man. Gary Nawrocki was walking in [...]

Bernie Murder Trial Begins This Week

The murder trial for Bernie Tiede begins this week in Rusk County. In this trial the sole issue for the jury to consider [...]

Cost of prosecuting Attorney General Ken Paxton too steep for Collin County officials

Lauren McGaughy / Austin Bureau / Dallas Morning News Published: 10 March 2016 AUSTIN — Collin County officials continue to balk at the [...]

22 Pounds of Meth Found During Traffic Stop

Two men, Ramiro Sanchez and Michael Manriquez, were arrested by Balch Springs police this past Monday for the felony offense of manufacturing an [...]