Assault is knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person, or threatening to cause bodily injury to another person. If you have been charged with assault in Texas, it is important to protect your rights.

The defense lawyers at Shook & Gunter have extensive experience defending clients against assault charges and know proven defenses that apply in these cases. We understand the stakes you are facing and are equipped to help you achieve a successful result.

Defending Against Assault Charges

We defend clients against a wide range of assault charges, including:

• Misdemeanor assault

• Felony assault

• Aggravated assault

• Assault family violence

• Assault of a public servant

• Assault with a deadly weapon

When handling an assault defense case, we explore all potential defense strategies. Defenses include:

• Self-defense If you used force to protect yourself from harm, we can argue self-defense.

• Mutual combat If both you and the alleged victim were willingly engaging in combat, it may be a valid defense.

• Defense of a third person Using force to protect another person may also be a valid assault defense.

Our lawyers are former prosecutors who know how to successfully defend against assault charges. We will apply our skill and experience to help you avoid the consequences of a criminal conviction.