Prescription Fraud

Prescription Drug Fraud Defense

The penalties for a prescription drug crime can be as significant of those involving illegal drugs. The classification of the crime varies depending on the amount and the type of prescription drug involved. We defend individuals charged with the following examples of prescription drug fraud:

• Forging prescriptions

• Altering prescriptions

• Fraudulently buying or selling prescription drugs

• Doctor shopping

• Other examples of prescription fraud

We defend individuals as well as doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who have been charged with prescription fraud. Our attorneys are former prosecutors who understand both sides of a drug crime case. We will review the details of your case to determine the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

We handle prescription drug crime cases involving the following pharmaceuticals:

• Fentanyl

• Vicodin

• Xanax

• Hydrocodone

• OxyContin

• Oxycodone

• Tylenol III

• Percocet

• Other prescription drugs