Trafficking & Distribution

If you have been charged with interstate drug trafficking, drug distribution or a related crime in Texas, it is important to act quickly. These are very serious charges that can result in very serious consequences that include fines, probation and prison time. Working with an attorney who has specific experience in drug crimes defense is important. These highly complex cases require skilled criminal defense.

At the law office of Shook & Gunter, we defend individuals throughout the Dallas area who have been charged with drug trafficking and distribution.

Defense of Drug Trafficking and Distribution Charges in Texas

If you have been accused of distributing marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or large amounts of prescription drugs, you may be charged with state or federal drug trafficking or distribution. The penalties for these crimes vary depending on the type and quantity of drug involved, and whether you cross state lines in the transport of these drugs.

Securing an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer early in your case is important. If you believe you are being investigated for such a crime, take proactive measures and speak to an attorney now. If you have already been charged, there may be many possible defenses available.

Illegal search and seizure is an issue that often arises in these types of cases. If your home or vehicle was illegally searched, that evidence may not be admissible in court. We will explore this and many other options when building your defense case.