Family Violence

In Texas, a family violence allegation is a serious legal matter. When police respond to a 911 domestic violence call, they typically make an arrest, even if the alleged victim tries to “take back” the allegation. Public perception often favors the alleged victim with no regard for those who have been wrongfully accused.

At Shook & Gunter, we are committed to protecting the rights of those accused of family violence throughout Dallas and surrounding areas. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling domestic violence defense cases and will aggressively defend your rights.

Have You Been Charged With Family Violence?

Family violence charges are especially troubling because they can tear you apart from your home and your loved ones. These charges often result in restraining orders, which can legally forbid you from entering your own house and seeing your children.

A family violence charge can have wide-ranging consequences. If convicted, it could affect many aspects of your life, including child custody rights, gun ownership, employment and immigration status.

Our attorneys understand the high stakes you are facing and are prepared to help. As experienced defense lawyers, we know how to challenge evidence in family violence cases to seek favorable results for our clients.

Family Violence — False Accusations

Domestic violence should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Neither should false accusations. Unfortunately, family violence accusations are not always made for the right reasons. We have seen cases where one person will accuse the other of violence just to win an argument or to gain leverage in a divorce. If you are at the wrong end of a false domestic violence accusation, we will aggressively fight for your rights.