White Collar Crimes

Shook & Gunter is a nationally respected law firm handling white collar criminal defense cases for clients throughout Texas and nationwide. Our clients include individuals and corporate entities facing allegations of fraud, embezzlement, corporate malfeasance and other charges.

Our attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to effectively handle complex white collar crime cases in and out of court. As former supervising prosecutors, we know how prosecutors put together white collar crime cases. As experienced defense lawyers, we know how to dismantle those cases to obtain favorable results for our clients.

White Collar Crime Defense

White collar crime cases are typically complex and can hinge upon the smallest details. Evidence may include computer data, accounting records, witness testimony and a lengthy paper trail. Our firm has the resources to navigate this complex legal terrain, including access to leading investigators, forensic accountants, analysts and other experts.

We have successfully represented clients in numerous, high-profile white collar crime cases. We are prepared to handle any white collar crime case, including those involving allegations of:

• Fraud (including health care fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, mail and wire fraud)

• Embezzlement

• Money laundering

• Environmental offenses

• Tax crimes

• RICO violations

• Conspiracy charges

• Falsifying financial documents

• Breach of fiduciary duty

• Internal corporate investigations

Before facing these allegations, you may have never had to experience the criminal justice system firsthand. Our Dallas white collar crime attorneys understand and are here to guide you through all stages of the legal process. We will work tirelessly to minimize the damage to your reputation, business, employment and financial security. Above all, we will work to spare you from the consequences of a criminal conviction, including fines, restitution and prison.

We work aggressively and proactively, and are often able to get white collar crime charges dismissed before being filed. When that is not possible, we will seek the next best possible outcome, whether it be reduced charges, acquittal or a favorable plea bargain.