What To Do When You Are Arrested For Domestic Violence

If you are arrested for a domestic violence charge here is a short list of things you do immediately.

Hire a criminal attorney who has extensive experience with defending domestic violence cases.

Meet with your criminal attorney and tell him all the facts about your case. Be sure to Include all previous incidents with the person who has accused you of assault .

Provide your criminal lawyer with all text messages, video and audio recordings, emails, photos and any other social media information that’s relevant.

Do not have contact with the accuser if there is a protective order. If you have a violation of your protective order you could land in jail and it could lead to another arrest.

Be prepared for a long battle. Time is on your side. Be patient and follow your criminal lawyers advice and you will have the best chance of having the charges dismissed, reduced or obtaining a not guilty verdict.

Dallas Domestic Violence Arrest Increase

Dallas domestic violence cases have been on the increase according to news reports. Since more people are stuck in their homes due to the corona virus there has been a spike in 911 calls. As a result the Dallas police are making more domestic violence arrest.

Jail is bad place to be, especially when the corona virus is spreading. The first thing to due if you are arrested for domestic violence is call a criminal lawyer. A Dallas criminal lawyer will know the best way to get you out of jail as soon as possible. A case is always easier to defend if you are out of jail.

Once you get out of jail meet with your criminal attorney as soon as possible. Your criminal attorney needs to know all the facts so he or she can advise you how to proceed. You need to provide your criminal lawyer with all text, emails, recordings and any other communication you have had with the accuser. This information will be vital to your defense.

Many criminal cases are being delayed due to the courthouses being shut down. Arrest are down for some crimes but not domestic abuse. The Dallas Police and other police departments will continue to make arrest for domestic violence cases. The Dallas District Attorneys office will continue to aggressive prosecute Dallas domestic violence cases. Get a good criminal lawyer to defend you rights.