The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder of John F. Kennedy: The Defense Perspective

Following up from my previous post, reproduced below is an opening statement from the Lee Harvey Oswald defense team.  I believe this would […]

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder of John F. Kennedy: The Prosecution Perspective

For the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President Kennedy, my law partner Toby Shook and I were asked to participate in […]

Phone Recordings Often Used as Evidence in Date Rape Investigations

Date Rape refers to a sexual assault case in which the two people have gone out on a date and at some point […]

No Refusal for Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again which means lots of office parties and celebrations. The holiday season also means that law enforcement […]

Google and Jury Selection

With todays social media more and more lawyers are using the internet to find out information on jurors. Now when a jury panel […]

Former Texas prosecutor gets jail for wrongful conviction Ken Anderson the prosecutor who convicted  an innocent Michael Morton for the murder of his wife agreed to serve 10 days in […]

Jury Deliberations Continue in Dallas Capital Murder Case

The Jury deliberating in the punishment phase of a Capital Murder case in Dallas County was sent to their hotel last night after […]

Dallas County Death Penalty Arguments

Today I was asked by KRLD about the goal in  closing arguments in the penalty phase of a Death Penalty case that is being tried […]

Commentary from experts on Dallas PD shooting of mentally ill man

From the Dallas Morning News — Experts: Charges likely in Dallas officer’s shooting of mentally ill man A Dallas police officer who was […]

What to do if your Client Learns of a Federal Criminal Investigation

You’re at your desk when you receive a panicky phone call from a valued client asking your advice because the client has just […]