The Prosecutor Work Product Exceptions to the Michael Morton Act

Exempted from discovery under the Michael Morton Act is “work product of counsel for the state in the case and their investigators and […]

Anatomy of a Murder Still a Great Book

I just finished reading Anatomy of a Murder and I found it to be one of the most accurate novels about a criminal […]

Michael Morton Act Brings Big Changes in Criminal Discovery

The Michael Morton Act will apply to all criminal cases that are filed as of January 1st, 2014. It represents the first significant […]

Jury Confusion

The great criminal defense blog, Simple Justice, has an excellent post about juries and their ability to follow jury instructions. The case cited occurred in Stamford, […]

Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes Should be Used During Cross Examinations

Well known criminal justice blogger Grits for Breakfast recently raised a very good point regarding Dallas Police Chief Brown’s policy change allowing a police […]

Jail Calls Used as Evidence for Prosecution

Anyone held in jail for a criminal charge should be aware that every phone call they make from jail is not only recorded […]

Earl Rogers Great Criminal Trial Lawyer

Any good criminal trial lawyer is always searching for ways to improve their trial skills. One way to do that is to study […]

Oswald Trial

WFAA filmed the first trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and aired the edited version in June. The courtroom we used was in the […]

Defending Oswald

This past year I was asked to participate in a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald by the State Bar of Texas, The […]

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder of John F. Kennedy: The Defense Perspective

Following up from my previous post, reproduced below is an opening statement from the Lee Harvey Oswald defense team.  I believe this would […]