Flag burning case began with incident during Republican Convention in Dallas

James Rose, FOX4News The court case that wound up protecting the right to burn an American began with an incident in Dallas during [...]

Former Ellis County fireman avoids jail in sex assault of colleague; deal called ‘terrible message’

Naheed Rajwani, Staff writer / Dallas Morning News / November 10, 2016 A former Ellis County fireman pleaded guilty Thursday to his role [...]

Cullen Davis Murder Trial Teaches Lessons

Cullen Davis gave an interview to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently. This was one of the most infamous murder trials in Texas history and a criminal [...]

Four things to do if there is a warrant for your arrest

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Does Shooting Someone In the Back Qualify as “Self Defense”?

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Five Ways a Criminal Case Can Be Disposed

Once a citizens has been arrested and the case filed with the District Attorney's Office, there five ways the case can be disposed. [...]

Jail House Snitches: Five Ways To Destroy Their Credibility

Jail House Snitches are often used as witnesses by the prosecution in criminal trials. These types of witnesses are very dangerous to the [...]

Texas leads the nation in Teacher-Student sexual assaults

A recent survey shows Texas leads the nation in the number of Teacher-Student sexual assault cases. In 2014, there were 116 accusations and convictions. [...]

BIll Cosby Rape Trial: Four Key Points

A judge has ruled the the sex assault case against Bill Cosby will mover forward. A trial date will eventually be set and [...]

Great Criminal Lawyer Edward Bennett Williams

Good criminal defense attorneys always find ways to improve their skills. One way of doing that is by reading and studying great criminal [...]