Texas Lie Detector Test

Texas lie detector test or polygraph examinations as they are officially called, often come up in criminal cases. The police will use polygraphs […]

Great Criminal Lawyer Samuel Leibowitz

I have just finished reading Not Guilty-The Story Of Samuel S. Leibowitz by Fred Pasley. It is a great biography that was written in […]

Studies Refute Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes

Dallas Police Chief Brown recently change police department shooting policies on officer shootings allowing a 72 hour cooling off period before the officer […]

Texas Prosecutor charged with Aggravated Assault

A Texas prosecutor has been charged with the felony offense of Aggravated Assault in Harris County. Prosecutor Susan Sciacca was charged with the […]

Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes Should be Used During Cross Examinations

Well known criminal justice blogger Grits for Breakfast recently raised a very good point regarding Dallas Police Chief Brown’s policy change allowing a police […]

Text Messages Often Key Evidence in Family Violence Cases

Now that texting has become one of the primary forms of communication in our society it’s not surprising that a person’s text often […]