Dallas Woman Arrested on Capital Murder Charge in Mexico

Photo: FBI Mexican authorities arrested Dallas murder fugitive Brenda Delgado Friday evening. Delgado was wanted on a capital murder warrant for the murder [...]

Jury Rejects Fort Worth Man’s Self-Defense Claim

This week a Tarrant County jury rejected Johnny Patton's self defense claims and found him guilty of the murder of Richard Slatkin and [...]

Dying Declarations In Texas Murder Cases

A murder case in Pennsylvania focuses on an interesting hearsay exception that sometimes comes up in murder cases. The exception is called a "Dying Declaration". [...]

Robert Durst Arrest On Murder Charges Teaches 3 Lessons

The arrest of Robert Durst for a cold case murder in California reminds us of three valuable lessons. 1. Murder cases are always open. Like all [...]

Murder Trial for Ex-Marine Accused of Killing Chris Kyle Begins

The capital Murder trial of Eddie Routh who is accused of murdering Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield began with opening statements yesterday. The [...]

Kaufman Murder Case Ends in Death Sentence

The Dallas Morning News recently printed a follow up article on the Kaufman Prosecutor Murder case which resulted in the conviction of Eric Williams. [...]

Dallas Murder Trial to Feature TV Show as Part of Defense

A Dallas Murder trial began Monday involving the beating death of a 72 year old woman. The case was featured in the A&E [...]

South Texas Man Aquitted of Murder

The aquittal of a Southeast Texas man serves as an excellent example of the how a sympathetic defendant can effect a jury's verdict. [...]

Ponder Man Sentenced to Life In Prison

On Thursday Denton County jury sentenced a Ponder man to life in prison for plotting to have his wife murdered. The trial had lasted [...]

Denton Murder Charge Brought 30 Years After Crime

Texas authorities filed an arrest warrant for a Minnesota man for a murder in a Denton hotel room that happened over 30 years [...]