Denton Murder Charge Brought 30 Years After Crime

Texas authorities filed an arrest warrant for a Minnesota man for a murder in a Denton hotel room that happened over 30 years […]

Texas Juvenile Must Stand Trial As Adult On Murder Charge

A Collin County judge ruled that teenager Adam Staup must stand trial as an adult on a murder charge. The case involves the […]

Two Ways To Prove Self-Defense Without The Defendant Testifying

Under Texas Self-Defense law the defendant must almost always testify at trial in order to get a self-defense instruction to a jury. At […]

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Dallas Murder Case

This week a Dallas County Grand Jury declined to indict two men for a murder that occurred in February. The defendants had been […]

Murder Investigations Always Open

It was recently reported on WFAA that the Dallas Police have reopened their investigation into the 2010 shooting death of Tobias Mackey by […]

Dallas Murder Cases Featured on First 48

Texas murder cases are easily the most intense investigations¬†conducted by law enforcement. When a citizen has been violently murdered the police assign their […]

Cause of Death in Frisco Murder Investigation Unknown

The cause of death is the major question in the investigation of the death of a 10 year old boy in Frisco Texas. […]

Texas Murder Conviction Overturned on Appeal

In a rare decision a Texas Murder Conviction was overturned on appeal. The 2nd Court of Appeals reversed the murder conviction of Charles […]

Death Penalty Cases Decrease in Texas

I was recently quoted in the Texas Lawyer Blog regarding the reasons the Death Penalty verdicts have dropped nation wide and in Texas. […]