Dallas Man Arrested Shooting 12 Year Old Boy

Dallas man Aaron Mitchell told a DMN reporter that he wasn't at the scene of a shooting involving a 12 year old boy [...]

Dallas Police To Conduct a No Refusal DWI Initiative For the July 4th Weekend

The Dallas Police Department will conduct a No Refusal DWI initiative this Independence weekend. What that means is the police will secure a [...]

4 Laws That Require 10 year Sex Registration in Texas

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Texas Open Carry Law Bans Guns in 6 Places

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Dallas Women May Face New Charges After Death Ruled Homicide

Two Dallas women, Denise Ross and Jimmy Clark, who were charged in February with the with Practicing Medicine Without a License could face [...]

Preparing for Protective Order Hearings in Texas Family Violence Cases: 4 Keys

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Mesquite Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship With Student

For the third time this year law enforcement have arrested a Mesquite Independent School District Teacher with the felony charge of Improper Relationship [...]

Dallas Domestic Violence Charges Require Confiscation of Guns

Dallas County has begun an aggressive program to seize guns from anyone convicted or placed on probation for of a Dallas domestic violence [...]

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